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[ 11.05.2018 ]
Unusual south of France

People travel to Cannes and Antibes for the aura of blue heat and bon viveurs, for the sight of super-yachts lazing. But there comes a moment when the beach umbrellas and bodies stretched out hundreds to the acre, turning and oiling themselves, begin to pall.

That’s the moment to follow the back roads leading into the hills, northwards to the interior, up to the rim of the Alpes-Maritimes. Here, gently rising into ridges of steep mountains, towns and villages sit on summits keeping vigil over the coast before and the lavender fields of Provence behind. We present you 3 most popular villages of Alpes-Maritimes.

The town with lanes of magnolia and daphne and small monastic windows from which the aspect hasn’t much changed since 1400.
Down on rue de l’Oratoire the master perfumers trade floral oils and tinctures out of tiny, cave-like distilleries.

The second most visited village in France after Mont-St-Michel, St-Paul has an almost unnatural brilliance. Approached from the valley below, it surges from the rocks like a citadel in a Sixties Ladybird book about knights and Saracen invaders. So many of its original features have been preserved: the 16th-century ramparts, the arcades, the wells (until 15 years ago all the fountains were fed by a local stream).

In the oldest streets here, houses stand so close together there is meagre space left for passageways, which might force everyone to jostle when the town is busy, but it rarely is, clinging to its homely little slope, its shops selling cakes and handsomely heavy-blown coloured glass, the restaurants serving simple salade Niçoise and plates of sea urchins..

The information from, Conde Nast Traveller.

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